Massachusetts Gold Star Mothers



Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom Honor Roll


Sergeant  Glenn R. Allison, US Army, OIF, Age 24  

KIA 12/18/2003, Hometown:  Pittsfield, MA


Specialist Scott A. Andrews, US Army, OEF, Age 21

6/21/2010, Hometown:  Fall River, MA


 Lance Corporal  Alexander Scott Arrendondo, USMC, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 8/25/2004, Hometown:  Randolph, MA


Sergeant James A. Ayube,  US Army, OEF, Age 25

12/8/2010.  Hometown:  Salem, MA


Specialist  David J. Babineau, US Army, OIF, Age 25 

KIA 6/16/2006, Hometown:  Springfield, MA


First Lieutenant  Andrew J. Bacevich, US Army, OIF, Age 27 

KIA 5/13/2007, Hometown:  Walpole, MA


Sergeant Robert J. Barrett, US Army, OEF, Age 21

4/19/2009, Hometown:  Fall River, MA 


Private First Class  Matthew A. Bean, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 5/31/2007, Hometown:  Pembroke, MA


Sergeant  Gregory A. Belanger, US Army Reserve, OIF, Age 24 

KIA 8/27/2003, Hometown:  Deerfield, MA


Staff Sergeant  Joseph P. Bellavia, US Army, OIF, Age 28 

KIA 10/16/2003, Hometown:  Wakefield, MA


Specialist Keith D. Benson, US Army, OEF, Age 27

1/18/2012, Hometown:  Norwood, MA


Specialist Nicholas Bernier, US Army, OEF, Age 21

6/25/2011, Hometown:  E. Kingston, MA


Staff Sergeant  Alicia A. Birchett, US Army, OIF, Age 29 

KIA 8/9/2007, Hometown:  Mashpee, MA


Sergeant Michael Bono, US Army, Age 33

3/17/2012, Hometown:  Westport, MA


First Lieutenant  Joshua Loren Booth, USMC, OIF, Age 23 

KIA 10/17/2006, Hometown:  Sturbridge, MA


Specialist  Jeremy P. Bouffard, US Army, OIF, Age 21 

KIA 8/22/2007, Hometown:  Middlefield, MA


Specialist  Matthew G. Boule, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 4/2/2003, Hometown:  Dracut, MA


Private  Michael E. Bouthot, US Army, OIF, Age 19 

KIA 4/22/2006, Hometown:  Fall River, MA


Major David L. Brodeur, US Air Force, OEF, Age 34

4/27/2011, Hometown:  Auburn, MA


(civilian)  Harold E. Brown, CIA/US Army Reserve Major, OEF, Age  

KIA , Hometown:  Bolton, MA, MA


Specialist  Ari D. Brown-Weeks, US Army, OIF, Age 23 

KIA 9/10/2007, Hometown:  Leyden, MA


Lance Corporal  Jeffrey C. Burgess, USMC, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 3/25/2004, Hometown:  Plymouth, MA


Lance Corporal  Shayne M. Cabino, USMC, OIF, Age 19 

KIA 10/6/2005, Hometown:  Franklin, MA


Captain  Joel E. Cahill, US Army, OIF, Age 34 

KIA 11/6/2005, Hometown:  Norwood, MA


Sergeant William Cahir, USMC, OEF, Age 40

8/13/2009, Hometown: Washington, DC, MA


Sergeant  Charles T. Caldwell, US Army National Guard, OIF, Age 38 

KIA 9/1/2003, Hometown:  Attleboro, MA


Major Jeffrey F. Calero, US Army, OEF , Age 34

10/29/2007. Hometown:  Queens Village, NY, MA


 Sergeant  Keith A. Callahan, US Army, OIF, Age 31 

KIA 1/24/2007, Hometown:  Woburn*, MA


Sergeant  William J. Callahan, USMC, OIF, Age 28  

KIA 4/27/2007, Hometown:  Easton, MA


Staff Sergeant  Joseph  Camara, US Army National Guard, OIF, Age 40 

KIA 9/1/2003, Hometown:  New Bedford, MA


Lance Corporal  Geoffrey R. Cayer, USMC, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 7/18/2006, Hometown:  Fitchburg, MA


First Lieutenant  Michael A. Cerrone, US Army, OIF, Age 24 

KIA 11/12/2006, Hometown:  Worcester, MA


Private First Class  Paul E. Conlon, US Army, OEF, Age 21 

KIA 8/15/2008, Hometown:  Somerville/Mashpee, MA


Captain  David S. Connolly, US Army Reserve, OEF, Age 37 

KIA 4/6/2005, Hometown:  Newton, MA


Specialist Michael B. Cook, US Army,  OIF, Age 27

6/6/2011, Hometown: Springfield, MA


Specialist Jesse A. Crudup, US ARMY, Age 27

12/13/2008, Hometown: Pembroke, MA


Specialist  Daniel F. Cunningham, US Army, OIF, Age 33 

KIA 4/4/2003, Hometown:  Revere, MA


Staff Sergeant  Darren J. Cunningham, US Army, OIF, Age 40 

KIA 9/30/2004, Hometown:  Groton, MA


Private First Class Eric D. Currier, USMC, OEF, Age 21

2/17/2010, Hometown: Lowell, MA


Specialist Jonathan M. Curtis, US Army, OEF, Age 24

11/1/2010, Hometown: Belmont, MA


 Private First Class  Norman  Darling, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 29 

KIA 4/29/2004, Hometown:  Middleboro, MA


Private First Class Michael Demarscio, US Army, OEF, Age 20

8/16/2012, Hometown:  North Adams, MA


Private Cory R. Depew, US Army, OIF, Age 21

1/4/2005, Hometown:  Beech Grove, IN , MA


Sergeant Joshua D. Desforges, USMC, OEF, Age 23

5/12/2009, Hometown:  Ludlow, MA


Lance Corporal  Travis R. Desiato, USMC, OIF, Age 19 

KIA 11/15/2004, Hometown:  Bedford, MA


Glen A. Doherty, CIA, Age 42

9/11/2012, Hometown Winchester, MA


Sergeant  Shane P. Duffy, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 6/4/2008, Hometown:  Taunton, MA


Sergeant First Class  Kevin A. Dupont, US Army, OEF, Age 52 

KIA 6/17/2009, Hometown:  Templeton, MA


Staff Sergeant  Joan J. Duran, US Army, OIF, Age 24 

KIA 8/10/2007, Hometown:  Roxbury, MA


Specialist  Ciara M. Durkin, US Army National Guard, OEF, Age 30 

KIA 9/28/2007, Hometown:  Quincy, MA


Specialist  Peter G. Enos, US Army, OIF, Age 24 

KIA 4/9/2004, Hometown:  Dartmouth, MA


Corporal Paul Fagundes, USMC, Age 29

4/4/2010,  Hometown:  Fall River, MA


Staff Sergeant Christopher M. Falkel, US Army, OEF, Age 22

8/5/2005, Hometown:  Boston. MA


Sergeant  Andrew K. Farrar, USMC, OIF, Age 31 

KIA 1/28/2005, Hometown:  Weymouth, MA


Corporal  Donald E. Fisher, US Army, OIF, Age 21  

KIA 11/11/2005, Hometown:  Brockton, MA


Gunnery Sgt.  Elia P. Fontecchio, USMC, OIF, Age 30 

KIA 8/4/2004, Hometown:  Milford, MA


Lance Corporal  Michael L. Ford, USMC, OIF, Age 19 

KIA 4/26/2006, Hometown:  New Bedford, MA


Specialist  Stephen R. Fortunato, US Army, OEF, Age 25 

KIA 10/14/2008, Hometown:  Beverly, MA


First Lieutenant  Travis J. Fuller, USMC, OIF, Age 26 

KIA 1/26/2005, Hometown:  Hampden, MA


Sergeant  Alexander H. Fuller, US Amry, OIF, Age 21 

KIA 1/25/2007, Hometown:  Centerville, MA


Lance Corporal  Patrick J. Gallagher, USMC, OIF, Age 27 

KIA 4/2/2006, Hometown:  Fairhaven, MA


Sergeant Matthew Gallagher, US Army, OIF, Age 22

6/26/2011,  Hometown:  Falmouth, MA


Sergeant  Justin W. Garvey, US Army, OIF, Age 23 

KIA 7/20/2003, Hometown:  Townsend, MA


Lance Corporal  Edward M. Garvin, USMC, OIF, Age 19 

KIA 10/4/2006, Hometown:  Malden, MA


Lance Corporal  Dimitrios  Gavriel, USMC, OIF, Age 29 

KIA , Hometown:  Haverhill, MA


Lance Corporal Michael E. Geary, USMC, OEF, Age 20

12/8/2010,  Hometown:  Malden, MA


Sergeant Alan N. Gifford, US Army. OIF, Age 39

9/16/2005 Hometown:  Tallahassee,FL , MA


Sergeant Daniel R. Gionet, US Army, OIF, Age 23

6/4/2006, Hometown:  Pelham, NH,  MA


Private First Class Ethan L. Goncalo, US Army, OEF, Age 21

12/10/2010,  Hometown:  Fall River, MA


Sergeant Edward C. Grace, US Army, OEF, Age 39

10/23/2011, Hometown:  S. Dartmouth, MA


Specialist Steven E. Gutowski, US Army, OEF, Age 24

9/29/2011, Hometown:  Plymouth, MA


Chief Warrant Officer  Erik A. Halvorsen, US Army, OIF, Age 40 

KIA 4/2/2003, Hometown:  Sturbridge, MA


Sergeant  Kyle  Harrington, US Army, OIF, Age 24 

KIA 1/24/2009, Hometown:  Swansea, MA


Captain  Jennifer  Harris, USMC, OIF, Age 28 

KIA 2/7/2007, Hometown:  Swampscott, MA


Private First Class  John D. Hart, US Army, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 10/18/2003, Hometown:  Bedford, MA


First Lieutenant  Derek S. Hines, US Army, OEF, Age 25 

KIA 9/1/2005, Hometown:  Newburyport, MA


Specialist  Christopher  Holland, US Army, OIF, Age 26 

KIA 12/17/2003, Hometown:  Lunenburg, MA


Seal Kevin Houston, US Navy, OEF, Age 36

8/6/2011,  Hometown:  Barnstable, MA


Private First Class  Kenneth J. Iwasinski, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 10/14/2007, Hometown:  Belchertown/Chicopee*, MA


Lieutenant Colonel Leon G. James, US Army, OIF.  Age 46

10/10/2005, Hometown:  Sackets Harbor, NY,  MA


Staff Sergeant  Alex R. Jimenez, US Army, OIF, Age 25 

KIA 5/12/2007, Hometown:  Lawrence, MA


Private First Class  Markus J. Johnson, US Army, OIF, Age 20  

KIA , Hometown:  Springfield, MA


First Lieutenant  Ryan P. Jones, US Army, OIF, Age 23 

KIA 12:00:00 AM, Hometown:  Westminster, MA


Captain Eric. A. Jones, USMC. OEF, Age 29

10/26/2009, Hometown:  Westchester, NY,  MA


Specialist  Michael J. Kelley, US Army National Guard, OEF, Age 26 

KIA 6/8/2005, Hometown:  Scituate, MA


Chief Warrant Officer Three  Kyran E. Kennedy, US Army, OIF, Age 43 

KIA 11/7/2003, Hometown:  Boston, MA


Sergeant  Adam P. Kennedy, US Army, OIF, Age 25 

KIA 4/8/2007, Hometown:  Norfolk, MA


Sergeant First Class Jean-Baptiste Kesse,  US Army, Age 33

7/14/2012, Hometown:  Attleboro, MA


Corporal  Paul N. King, USMC, OIF, Age 23 

KIA 6/25/2006, Hometown:  Tyngsboro, MA


Private First Class Kevin King, US Army, Age 19

4/18/2007, Hometown:  Dorchester, MA


Private First Class  John  Landry, US Army, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 3/17/2007, Hometown:  Wilmington/Lowell, MA


Specialist  Kyle A. Little, US Army, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 5/8/2007, Hometown:  West Boylston, MA


Sergeant  Daniel J. Londono, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 3/13/2004, Hometown:  Dorchester, MA


Private First Class Byran C. Lounsbury, US Army, Age18

1/21/2008,  Hometown: Cambridge, MA


Lance Corporal Jeff Michael Lucey, USMC, Age 23

6/22/2004, Hometown:  Belchertown, MA


Lance Corporal  Gregory E. MacDonald, USMC Reserve, OIF, Age 29 

KIA 6/25/2003, Hometown:  Burlington, MA


Captain  John W. Maloney, USMC, OIF, Age 36 

KIA 6/16/2005, Hometown:  Chicopee, MA


Staff Sergeant Joshua L. Mattero, US Army, OIF, Age 29

7/24/2007, Hometown: San Diego, CA MA


Captain Barry McGowan, US Army, Age 44

8/10/2009, Hometown:  West Roxbury, MA


Private First Class  Daniel A.C. McGuire, USMC, OIF, Age 19 

KIA 8/14/2008, Hometown:  Mashpee, MA


First Lieutenant  Brian  McPhillips, USMC, OIF, Age 25 

KIA 4/4/2003, Hometown:  Pembroke, MA


Second Lieutenant Ian T. McVey, USMC, Age 23

7/19/2008, Hometown:  Medway, MA


Sergeant  Benjamin E. Mejia, US Army, OIF, Age 25 

KIA 5/31/2006, Hometown:  Salem, MA


Major  Brian M. Mescall, US Army, OEF, Age 33 

KIA 1/9/2009, Hometown:  Hopkinton, MA


Sergeant Scott J. Metcalf, US Army, OIF, Age 36

10/29/2008, Hometown: Framingham, MA


Captain  Seth R. Michaud, USMC, OEF, Age 27 

KIA 6/22/2003, Hometown:  Hudson, MA


First Lieutenant Scott F. Milley, US Army, OEF, Age 23

11/30/2010, Hometown:  Sudbury, MA


Sergeant First Class  Jared C. Monti, US Army, OEF, Age 30 

KIA 6/21/2006, Hometown:  Raynham, MA


Sergeant  Alberto D. Montrond, US Army, OEF, Age 27 

KIA 2/13/2006, Hometown:  Boston (Roxbury), MA


Specialist  Brian M. Moquin, US Army, OEF, Age 19  

KIA 5/5/2006, Hometown:  Worcester, MA


Private First Class Dominic Morum Nop, USMC, Age 18

12/16/2011, Hometown:  Lowell, MA


 Specialist Christine M. Ndururi , US Army, Age 21

11/6/2007, Hometown:  Dracut, MA


Staff Sergeant  Daniel A. Newsome, US Army, OIF, Age 27 

KIA 6/27/2007, Hometown:  Chicopee, MA


First Lieutenant Leif E. Nott, US Army, OIF, Age 24

7/30/2003, Hometown:  Cheyenne, WY, MA


Specialist David T. Nutt , US Army, OIF, Age 32

5/14/2003, Hometown:  Lee, MA


Lance Corporal  Walter  O'Haire, USMC, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 5/9/2007, Hometown:  Rockland, MA


Corporal  Brian  Oliveira, USMC, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 10/25/2004, Hometown:  Raynham, MA


Private First Class  Evan W. O'Neil, US Army, OEF, Age 19 

KIA 9/29/2003, Hometown:  Haverhill, MA


Petty Officer 1  Brian J. Ouelette, US Navy, OEF, Age 37 

KIA 5/29/2004, Hometown:  Waltham, MA


Specialist  Gabriel T. Palacios, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 1/21/2004, Hometown:  Lynn, MA


Captain  Anthony  Palermo, US Army, OIF, Age 26 

KIA 4/6/2007, Hometown:  Brockton, MA


Sergeant  Theodore L. Perreault, US Army, OEF, Age 33 

KIA 12/23/2003, Hometown:  Webster, MA


SFC  Daniel H. Petithory, US Army, OEF, Age 32 

KIA 12/5/2001, Hometown:  Cheshire, MA


Staff Sergeant  Christopher N. Piper, US Army, OEF, Age 43 

KIA 6/16/2005, Hometown:  Marblehead, MA


Staff Sergeant  Robert A. Pirelli, US Army, OIF, Age 29 

KIA 8/15/2007, Hometown:  Franklin, MA


Private First Class  Matthew M Pollini, US Army, OIF, Age 21 

KIA 1/22/2009, Hometown:  Rockland, MA


Sergeant  Marquis R. Porter, USMC, OIF, Age 28 

KIA 1/11/2009, Hometown:  Brighton, MA


Lance Corporal  Kevin T. Preach, USMC, OEF, Age 21 

KIA 2/7/2009, Hometown:  Bridgewater, MA


Corporal  Scott J. Procopio, USMC, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 4/2/2006, Hometown:  Saugus, MA


Staff Sergeant  Matthew A. Pucino, US Army, OEF, Age 34 

KIA 11/23/2009, Hometown:  Hudson, MA


 Sergeant  Pierre A. Raymond, US Army Reserve, OIF, Age 28  

KIA 9/15/2005, Hometown:  Lawrence, MA


Specialist  Jared J. Raymond, US Army, OIF, Age 20 

KIA 9/19/2006, Hometown:  Swampscott, MA


Sergeant First Class Donald Reis, US Army, Age 31

4/29/2012, Hometown: Fall River, MA


Lance Corporal  Thomas E. Rivers, US Marine Corps, OEF, Age  

KIA 4/28/2010, Hometown:  Fall River, MA


Private First Class  Jonathan R. Roberge, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 2/9/2009, Hometown:  Leominster, MA


Sergeant  Nelson D. Rodriquez-Ramirez, US Army National Guard, OEF, Age 22 

KIA 6/21/2008, Hometown:  Revere, MA


 LCpl  Michael Ronner, USMC

DOD 5/7/2012   Hometown: Sudbury., NA


Staff Sergeant  Robb L. Rolfing, US Army, OIF, Age 29 

KIA 6/30/2007, Hometown:  Milton, MA


SFC  Robert  Rooney, MANG, OIF, Age 43 

KIA 9/25/2003, Hometown:  Plymouth, MA


Staff Sergeant Bruce A. Rushforth, US Army, Age 35

2/22/2002, Hometown: Middleboro, MA


Captain  Benjamin  Sammis, USMC, OIF, Age 29 

KIA 4/4/2003, Hometown:  Rehoboth, MA


Sergeant Kurt D. Schamberg, US Army, OIF,  Age 26

5/20/2005,  Hometown, Euclid,OH, MA


Lance Corporal  Nickolas D. Schiavoni, USMC, OIF, Age 26 

KIA 11/15/2005, Hometown:  Haverhill, MA


Private First Class  Kerry  Scott, US Army, OIF, Age 21 

KIA 10/6/2003, Hometown:  Worcester, MA


Private First Class  Jordan M. Shay, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 9/3/2009, Hometown:  Amesbury/Newburyport, MA


Specialist  Corey  Shea, US Army, OIF, Age 21 

KIA 11/12/2008, Hometown:  Mansfield, MA


Sergeant  Benjamin W. Sherman, US Army, OEF, Age 21 

KIA 11/10/2009, Hometown:  Plymouth, MA


MSC  Shawn E. Simmons, US Army, OEF, Age 39 

KIA 6/29/2008, Hometown:  Ashland*, MA


Captain Benjamin A. Sklaver, US Army, OEF, Age 32

10/2/2009, Hometown: Medford, MA


Sgt. Alan L. Snyder US Army, 

KIA 6/18/2011    Hometown:  Worcester,  MA


Private First Class Clinton E. Springer, US Army, OEF, Age 21

9/24/2010,  Hometown: Sanford, ME, MA


Specialist  Matthew  Stanley, US Army, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 12/16/2006, Hometown:  Lynn, MA


First Lieutenant Timothy Steele, US Army, OEF, Age 25

8/23/2011,  Hometown: Duxbury, MA


Staff Sergeant  Clinton J.  Storey, OIF, Age 30 

KIA 8/4/2005, Hometown:  Palmer, MA


Captain  Christopher J. Sullivan, US Army, OIF, Age 29  

KIA 1/18/2005, Hometown:  Princeton, MA


Steven E. Sullivan, Diplomatic Security, USMC, USN, CIA, Age 40  

9/19/2005,  Hometown:  Westborough, MA


Sergeant Alan Snyder, US Army, OEF, Age 28

6/20/2011, Hometown:  Blackstone, MA


Sergeant  Zachary D. Tellier, US Army, OEF, Age 31 

KIA 9/29/2007, Hometown:  Falmouth/Groton*, MA


Petty Officer 2nd Class  Tyler J. Trahan, US Navy, OIF, Age 22 

KIA 4/30/2009, Hometown:  Freetown, MA


Petty Officer 3rd Class Caitlin E. Trask, US Navy, Age 20

Killed:  2/12/2009, Hometown:  North Andover, MA


Master Sergeant Gregory R. Trent, US Army, OEF, Age 38

8/12/2012, Hometown:  Norton, MA


Lance Corporal  Eric P. Valdepenas, USMC, OIF, Age 21 

KIA 9/4/2006, Hometown:  Seekonk, MA


 Kyle R. Van De Giesen, USMC, OEF, Age 29 

KIA 9/26/2009, Hometown:  North Attleboro, MA


Lance Corporal  John J. Vangyzen, USMC, OIF, Age 21 

KIA 7/5/2004, Hometown:  Bristol, MA


Sergeant  Mark R. Vecchione, US Army, OIF, Age 25 

KIA 7/18/2006, Hometown:  Eastham, MA


Corporal  David Marques Vicente, USMC, OIF, Age 25 

KIA 3/19/2004, Hometown:  Methuen, MA


Sergeant First Class Dennis Weichel, US Army, OEF, Age 29

3/22/2012, Hometown:  Providence, RI, MA


Chief Warrant Officer Two  Stephen M. Wells, US Army, OIF, Age 29 

KIA 2/25/2004, Hometown:  North Egremont, MA


Lance Corporal Steven M. West, USMC, OEF, Age 20

7/2/2008, Hometown: Billerica, MA


Specialist Christopher M Wheeler, US Army, Age 19

5/27/2011, Hometown: Beverly, MA


Specialist  Christopher M. Wilson, US Army, OEF, Age 24 

KIA , Hometown:  Chicopee, MA


Sergeant William J. Woitowicz, USMC, OEF, Age 23

6/7/2011, Hometown:  Groton, MA


Sergeant  Gregory Anthony Wright, US Army, OIF, Age 28 

KIA 1/13/2007, Hometown:  Boston, MA


Corporal  Nicholas G. Xiarhos, USMC, OEF, Age 21 

KIA 7/23/2009, Hometown:  Yarmouth Port, MA


Corporal  Andrew  Zabierek, USMC, OIF, Age 25 

KIA 5/21/2004, Hometown:  Chelmsford, MA


Specialist  Edgardo  Zayas, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 29 

KIA 8/26/2006, Hometown:  Dorchester, MA



Specialist Michael Andrade, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 28

KIA 9/2/2003, Hometown: Bristol, RI          


Army Capt. Matthew J. August, U.S. Army, OIF,  Age  28

KIA 1/27/2004, Hometown: North Kingstown, RI


Sgt. Gregory A. Belanger, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 24

KIA 8/27/2003, Hometown: Narragansett, RI            


Sgt. Charles T. Caldwell, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 38

KIA 9/1/2003, Hometown: North Providence, RI


Lance Cpl. Holly A. Charette, USMC, OIF, Age 21

KIA 6/23/2005, Hometown:  Cranston, RI  


Marine Pfc. Kyle J. Coutu, USMC, OEF, Age 20

KIA 2/18/2010, Hometown:  Pawtucket, RI


2nd Lt. Matthew S. Coutu, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 23

KIA 6/27/2005, Hometown:  North Kingstown, RI    


Sgt. Moises Jazmin, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 25

KIA 8/27/2006, Hometown:  Providence, RI               


Sgt. 1st Class Curtis Mancini, U.S. Army, OEF, Age 43     

KIA 1/29/2004, Hometown: Lincoln, RI      


Sgt. Christopher S. Potts, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 38

KIA 10/3/2004, Hometown: Tiverton,  RI


Lance Cpl. Matthew K. Serio, USMC, OIF, Age 21

KIA 4/5/2004, Hometown:  North Providence, RI  


Nathan J. Schuldheiss, U.S. Air Force (civilian), OIF, Age 27        

KIA 11/1/2007, Hometown:  Newport, RI   


Cpl. Brian R. St.Germain, USMC, OIF, Age 22

KIA 4/2/2006, Hometown:  West Warwick, RI           


Lt. J.G. Francis L. Toner IV, U.S. Navy, OEF, Age 26

KIA 3/27/2007, Hometown:  Narragansett, RI           


Sgt. Michael R. Weidemann, U.S. Army, OIF, Age 23

KIA 10/31/2006, Hometown:  Newport, RI 



Massachusetts Beirut Honor Roll

 Terrorist Bombing  Beirut Lebanon  October 23,1983


LCP Bradley J. Campus     Lynn

LCP Michael J. Devlin     Westwood

SGT MAJ Frederick B. Douglass     Cataumet

CPL Sean R. Gallagher     North Andover

SGT Edward H. Gargano     Quincy

LCP Richard J. Gordon     Somerville 

CPT Michael S. Haskell     Westborough

SGT Steven B. LaRiviere    Chicopee

LCP Thomas S. Perron     Whitinsville



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